Computing at De Havilland is a vital part of the school curriculum which equips our children with the skills to become successful citizens. There is a good investment in technology so that children feel confident and skilled in their use of it. Children can access a variety of devices (Chromebooks, tablets, coding hardware etc.) and we keep up to date with evolving technology and software.  Staff feel confident in their delivery of lessons due to regular and up to date training. They use IT as a tool in the classroom, effectively modelling its use in a variety of situations.

Lessons are taught discretely, with opportunities to further develop and apply skills with use of Chromebooks and tablets from within the classroom. The curriculum is fluid so that it changes to support the learning, needs and passions of the children. Apps and programs are up to date and in line with the needs of the children. Dedicated hardware supports children with additional needs. Opportunities for ICT are woven throughout the curriculum. For example, computing links closely with PSHE and RSE. Teaching of online safety ensures children develop a solid understanding of how to keep themselves safe online.

We use structured sequences of lessons from Curriculum Maestro to ensure all of the skills required to meet the aims of the National Curriculum are met.  Our subject teaching allows for a broad and deep understanding of computing and how it links to children’s lives.


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