Our Vision


At De Havilland, everyone has the right to be safe, to learn and to be respected.  We pride ourselves on knowing our children; knowing them as unique individuals and how they best develop as learners. We understand the community they live in and the challenges they face as they grow in an ever changing world. This understanding is our starting point.

Building futures is our aspiration for all our children. Simply stated, Building Futures is:

Giving our children the knowledge, skills, attitudes, opportunities and confidence to thrive socially, emotionally and academically in the evolving world we live in.

It encompasses everything we do and believe in at De Havilland.  Our ambition to ensure that our children succeed is unrelenting. Our ambition is the will, imagination and positive approach that drives us to demand the very best for our children, now and in the future.

Building Futures is more than just our vision as a school, it is our ethos, our curriculum, and is the rationale for everything that we do and everything that our children experience. It is our investment in our children and their entitlement whilst in our school.

We measure accountability in terms of celebrating and sharing our children’s successes, learning from what works well and sharing best practice. We ask searching questions of ourselves if ambition lacks purpose and direction, and ensure that support and challenge is provided as appropriate.