Extra Curricular Activities

At De Havilland, we believe that our children are inspired by activities beyond the classroom and we are proud to offer a range of extra curricular activities, both after school and during the school day. We believe that our clubs boost our children's confidence to interact socially with others, extend their social networks and importantly provide them with new skills and abilities.

Clubs run throughout the year and are led by both members of the De Havilland staff team and external providers. They range in their nature: we have everything from our De Hav Signers Club to Movie-Makers Club! Whilst we endeavour to ensure each child who expresses an interest in a club is given a place, we do prioritise our underserved children when allocating places. On occasions where clubs are full, children are placed on a waiting list and prioritised for the next occasion the club runs.

Please find below our offering for the Spring Term 2024 and speak to the school office or your child's class teacher should you have any queries.      

Term Club Name Day of the Week Year Groups/Key Stage
Spring 1 Girls Football Monday

Years 4, 5 & 6

  Arts & Crafts Club Tuesday

Years 1 & 2

  Photography Club Tuesday

Years 5 & 6

  Dance Club (Premier Sports) Wednesday

Years 3 & 4

  Boys Football Wednesday

Years 5 & 6

  Book Club Thursday

Nursery & Reception

  Dodgeball Club (Premier Sports) Thursday

Year 5 



Term Club Name Day of the Week Year Group
Spring 2 Girls Football Monday Years 4,5&6
  Arts & Crafts Club Tuesday Years 1&2
  Creative Club Tuesday Years 1&2
  Multi-Sports (Premier) Wednesday Reception
  Boys Football Wednesday Years 5&6
  Singing Club Wednesday Years 3,4,5&6
  Football (Premier) Thursday Years 3&4
  Book Club Thursday Nursery & Reception
  Grounds & Gardening Club Thursday Years 5&6