Year 2

A warm welcome back to the second part of the Autumn term. Firstly, thank you for your support over the first Autumn Term: it is always a tricky and busy term for the children, moving from Year 1 into Year 2 and growing in independence. Thank you for the fantastic attendance and interest we had at our parent consultations. It was a fantastic opportunity to discuss the children’s learning and give ways to support them. This term we are looking into all things heroic as well as exploring levels of greatness! We will be discovering what are the joys and tribulations faced in the children’s lives, in storybooks and also in historical characters’ lives.

We will continue to give home learning to support the children’s progress and greatly appreciate the discussions you have with them around this. Having those rich discussions with children is a fantastic way for them to learn, develop their language and confidence in learning.

The Year 2 Team


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