Learning at De Havilland

Our Rationale

At De Havilland, it is every child’s entitlement to be fully immersed in our rich and vibrant ‘Building Futures’ curriculum. The Building Futures Curriculum is our most powerful tool and we take full ownership of it. In its entirety, it underpins all learning at De Havilland. Our aspiration for this, consistent with our rationale for everything we do, is…

Giving our children the knowledge, skills, attitudes, opportunities and confidence to thrive socially, emotionally and academically in the evolving world we live in.

Our ‘Building Futures’ Curriculum

The ‘Building Futures’ curriculum begins first and foremost in knowing our children, knowing them as unique individuals and how they best develop as learners.


Building futures has its roots within the statutory National Curriculum but it is much more than this. It is knowing where our children are and demanding the very best for them: the best outcomes; the best opportunities; the best experiences and the best support.

In short, the best opportunities for them to succeed in life.

As a school, we will always push the boundaries of learning; exploring how, when, where and with who our children learn best.

Our curriculum is current and relevant to our children’s needs, reflecting the world around us and how the children fit into it.


This is the route to success. It requires reflection, dedication and determination from our whole school community. Our Building Futures curriculum entitles children:

  • to be equipped with embedded learning behaviours
  • to become masters of their own interests, skills and talents
  • to be immersed in personalised learning
  • to have their imagination’s ignited and have their minds opened to a world of possibilities
  • to be supported by adults who will do whatever is needed to move them forwards


We demand the best for our children. It is imperative that we take responsibility for success, understanding what has gone well and learning from areas that could be improved.

We have high aspirations.  We have clear, considered ambitions. Impact means that we take full ownership of our children’s learning and are accountable for their outcomes.

As a whole community, we are responsible for ensuring that every child is exposed to a broad and vibrant curriculum, in which all subjects are valued.

A curriculum that is taught with conviction, passion and creativity.

Building Futures expects all children to produce high quality learning in all areas that is captured in a wide variety of means, and that the children make better than expected progress from their starting points in all subjects.

The Building Futures curriculum is intended to enable our children to thrive socially, emotionally and academically. It is not done to them – they must have a voice and role in their learning. Responsibility must be shared, with children and across the school community.

This is our ‘Building Futures’ curriculum

If you wish to find out any more about our Building Futures Curriculum then please contact Sarah King (Curriculum Leader) on:

Tel: 01707 273542