The Dragon Who Lost His Toothbrush

This term, the children in Early Years have been learning to write their own stories as part of our new Talk 4 Writing curriculum.

Together we gathered ideas for possible characters, settings and discussed what problem might occur during our story. Eventually, we decided on a dragon who lived in a tree house. Unfortunately, the dragon lost his toothbrush. He searched and he searched but he could not find it anywhere. He was furious! Luckily, he went to the supermarket, where he founds lots of toothbrushes. He went back home to brush his teeth and lived happily ever after. We thought about what the dragon might say when he realised his toothbrush was missing. The children painted their own dragons then drew speech bubbles on their paintings. Bethany knows that a speech bubble is ‘when someone is talking’.

(Bold words are the story language we learnt this week)