Please find a list of staff members and their positions from 1st September 2021. Please contact the School Office should you wish to speak with any member of staff.

Telephone Number: 01707 273542


Headteacher Mrs Sarah King

Assistant Headteacher SENCO & Inclusion

Assistant Headteacher Teaching & Learning

Mrs Lauren Walker


Mr David Bostock

Site Manager

Mr Gary Briggs Mrs Lila Crockett (Assistant Site Manager)


Mr Jonathan Ardrey, Miss Emily Barnes, Miss Elizabeth Black, Mr David Bostock, Miss Danielle Collingwood, Mr Joe Creswell, Mrs Sam Gamage, Miss Rebecca Hannan, Mrs Helen Hayhoe, Mrs Kelly Jefferies, Mrs Helen Johnson, Mrs Lauren Lines, Mrs Dipesha Mehta, Miss Ellen Moss, Mr Jake Rolfe, Miss Lauren Sorano, Mr Chris Tate and Miss Sarah Taylor

Early Year Practitioners Miss Kerry Colyer (Early Years Lead Practitioner), Mrs Eva Dobra, Mrs Shannon Horner, Miss Nicole Kilby, Miss Jessica Pryor and Miss Amy Smith
Sports Coach Mr Jamie Jackson
Learning Practitioners Mrs Lisa Barker, Mrs Refa Choudhury, Mrs Tracie Collie, Mrs Rachel Dunnington, Mrs Elaine Gunn, Miss Jennifer Hartley, Mr Terrance Johnson, Mrs Amanda Myers, Mrs Christina Oprea, Miss Tracey Moss, Mrs Nishma Shah, Mrs Kim Spanoudakis and Mrs Merita Zeqiraj
School/Family Practitioner Mrs Jackie Clark
School Office Mrs Gemma Aitken, Mrs Gemma Samroo, Ms Emma Sanders, Mrs Louise Smellie and Ms Jo Warby
Cleaning and Site Maintenance Team Mrs Lila Crockett (Assistant Site Manager), Mrs Ngunga Nsikulu, Mrs Elizabeth Taylor and Miss Maria Taylor 
In the academic Year 2020-21, there have been no staff absences to undertake union duties.